Creamed mixtures tend to clot when you add eggs. Add the eggs gradually in one go, and whisk well after each addition to prevent clotting. If the mixture is clotted, whisk with 1 tablespoon of flour prior to adding more eggs.
Leave the cooled cookies on a grill to provide them with air with an eye to prevent their becoming moisty and to ensure proper air circulation.
If you use a food processor for preparing the dough, hard and cold butter will make your job easier. When the cold butter starts to mix with flour it will not be able to soften due to heat. Thus, your cake will not be greasy because the butter will not fully be able to penetrate into the cake.
Liquids should not be used too cold because this will prevent the softening and melting of the butter.
If you store your eggs in the fridge, take the eggs out of the refrigerator in the number that you will use at least 30 minutes before preparing your mixture.
Add salt at the beginning of mixing or screening the flour while making bread. This will allow the dough to ferment and add flavor to it.