As Human Resources Unit, our mission is to support our Organization with sustainable Human Resources policies to make it a high-performance cultured, preferable company which improves and authorizes employees and increases loyality of employees with social responsibility.

Our Policies


As Human Resources Unit, our priority is to bring in skilled labour according to our company vision and strategy. Criterions, job descriptions and expectations from candidates will be presented according to this priority.We support to identify eligible candidates among all by having an interview with them and putting them in tests such as personality test, foreign language test and general ability test. At the end of this process, we will offer job to eligible candidates and we will hire them if they accept our offer.

Development Program

Eksim Investment Holding is willing to support our employees’ development with development programs like Eksim Leadership School, Management Trainings and trainings about professional development to keep its success in future.

Career Planning

In Eksim Investment Holding, we apply an active career planning system.We provide career development and position backup to our employees with applications like job rotations, promotions and secondment, based on our stage system.

Salaries and Social Rights

In Eksim Investment Holding, salaries and social rights are defined by a stage system. Salaries are formed in compliance with stage system and in line with the market.

Annual Leave

In Eksim Investment Holding, employees can take annual leave according to the rules in Labour Law

Performance System

In Eksim Investment Holding, our employees’ performances are being evaluated by the performance system, which based on targets and perfection. The perfections are listed below:

 * Being Learning-Focused
 * Teamwork Aptitude
 * Communication Management
 * Effective Problem Solving
 * Being Result-Oriented

In addition to these five perfections that we expect from all of our employees,there are five department perfections determined, which depends on the department of an employee. At the end of the year, employee’s performance grades are calculated according to company perfections, department perfections and personal targets. Our Performance Management System acts as a pathfinder for our low-performing employees, as it rewards high-performing employees. Also, our system is integrated with salary hikes, bonus, career planning, education and such applications.