About Us


Sinangil is company managed in Istanbul, TURKEY, is a professionally managed organization engaged in producing wheat flour for retail market and industrial market since 1963. Its products are produced in its own facility located in Tekirdağ/Muratlı.

Established in the year 1996, Eksun has come a long way in providing its local and global costumers the very best of its products. Since its establishment Eksun has significantly improved its Daily production from 150/mton to 700/ton. The technology used in grinding plant is German Buhler’s technology. Eksun is the one of the biggest wheat flour Company in Turkey with both its capacity of grid and its 40000 capacity of wheat storage steel silos. Eksun, along producing for domestic market, is also exporting wheat flour to 20 countries and one of the biggest wheat flour exporter in Turkey.


Industrial product brand Eksun, and retail product brand Sinangil is produced in fully automated line right through to packaging, with ‘no human touch ‘. Eksun, with its experience in retail, industrial and export production, and with its every product group, both brands strive to lead the market and strive to be leader in its field.

The modern facilities of Eksun and Sinangil brands have ISO 9001, ISO 22000 quality management certificates and halal certificate. Eksun could successfully apply quality management system on its production and aims to deliver its products confidently to its customers with high customer satisfaction.

Quality control process including physical, chemical, and radiologic analysis stars at purchasing wheat, and continuous until obtaining the final product. Also, samples products made by our final good and cooked in our ovens are exposed to visual and physical test.

Eksun has a great pre-sales and after sales support that both its customers and final consumers could easily reach its food engineers in order to get information or support for any possible problems they would face.