Gluten Free Flour
The most ideal gluten-free flour mixture from Sinangil to add surplus (+) fabulous tastes to gluten-free way of living
Pastries for celiac patients are no longer a dream!
Sinangil now brings together celiac patients with fabulous tastes they desire thanks to the special gluten-free flour mixture thereof.
The special Gluten-Free Flour produced by Sinangil for the valued celiac patient consumers as a result of our company’s cooperation with “Living with Celiac Disease Association” as well as the intensive R & D activities thereof adds surplus value to the life of celiac disease patients with the quality and reliability of the Sinangil brand while supporting the celiac patients at the same time with a sense of social responsibility since 2006 thanks to its very reasonable price compared to similar imported products.
Gluten Free Recipes
Tastes adding surplus value to gluten-free living!
To make you enjoy with the terrific tastes thanks to fabulous gluten-free recipes each more delicious than the other selected from the “Sinangil Taste Club” and “Sinangil Gluten-Free Living” blog
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